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Divine Relationships

What are Divine Relationships?

The first and most important Divine Relationship that you will ever have is with yourself.

We are all part of Source Energy/Infinite Intelligence, and we are all connected.

To simply say treat others, as you would want to be treated is not enough. First we must ask ourselves, “How do I truly want to be treated?” because we have forgotten or simply do not know how we want to be treated. We have observed over the years what we think is the norm of how to treat others and how we should expect others to treat us.

However, as we look back at our lives and these examples, we can identify behaviors that we do not wish to continue receiving from others or to give out ourselves. As we identify these behaviors and acknowledge that we would like them to change, we can move forward by visualizing how we would like to be treated.

Do you want to feel more accepted in your relationships?

Look at how you are interacting with others. Are you able to accept others even though they might not be acting in a way that you believe is acceptable? The answer is not to condone their behaviors but to start to see them how you would like them to be.

An example would be arguing with a loved one. If you have been arguing frequently and there appears to be no resolution to the disagreement, you may want to change the flow of energy by changing your expectations of the outcome.

Here’s a scenario. You are on your way home from work and begin to get a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. You think, Oh, I really don’t want to see Ralph because we will start to argue over finances again.

As that thought and feeling starts, you can mentally say to yourself: STOP. Then replace the image of going home and seeing Ralph. For the first time in a week, you pause, look at him, and say, “How was your day?” You can visualize what you think he would say. Now remember, if it does not seem realistic to you, do not picture that image. So if you have been fighting for more than a week, your partner may not great you with a warm hug and suddenly everything is happily ever after.

However, if that is your goal, you can visualize that and be aware that that particular outcome may not happen on the first day.

Visualizations are very powerful, especially when we back them up with positive energy. If you are very angry and are having trouble coming out of that emotion, first you need to do some self-care to get yourself to a point where you can see someone or something in a different light. This may mean taking a time out or break. Take a walk, read a book, or do some meditation or breathing techniques discussed in the chapter on meditation and grounding.

In addition, as much as possible, focus on what your ideal intended outcome is unwaveringly. If you think about the positive outcome but then start to ruminate on the things that went wrong before, you are breaking the positive stream of energy and essentially living in the past. That is not where you want to be in order to move forward into a different outcome.

Back to Divine Relationships. I could discuss kindred souls, souls mates, twin flames, and other relationships that we choose to have while we are here on earth. the most important thing to know about all relationships is that they are all valid; they are all a means for us to grow.

How are we to move on in our lives and build strong relationships if we are not willing to take the time to put forth the effort to allow these relationships to grow? In turn, are we willing to see when we are at a point in our soul growth that we now recognize when we are ready to let a relationship go? Are we willing to learn the lessons that came with the relationship, ones that will help us build stronger relationships?

To love others unconditionally, we must choose to love ourselves first.

Allow yourself to fall in love with the uniqueness that is you. You are a Divine Being, a Divine Spark of Source Energy. Identify those qualities you can bring to a relationship, and be willing to work on what no longer serves you. Who knows what kind of love you will experience?

******From Mental Alchemy Spiritual Affirmations to Change Your Life, Chapter: Divine Relationships

Please feel free to share!

Many Blessings to you and yours,


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