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Giving Thanks

As I write this I can think of many things to be grateful for. My health, my family, my home, one more day to do my best and grow.

But as I look back over the years there are many things, situations, events, people, that I can express gratitude for now when at the moment that might have not be the case.

For the moments when I was told no, that I was not able to do something; I learned the gift of strength, perseverance and in some cases humility.

For the people that left my life through death, or other means; I learned that the time you have with others is precious, and that every moment counts. And that some relationships are meant to help you let go, grow, and heal.

Many times in our time of sorrow, grief, or just unhappiness we are unable to see the "silver lining". However, with time, experience and healing we start to see past the clouds and mist to the rainbow ahead.

I urge you at this time of year especially and all other times to let yourself to fully experience the emotions that you might have, and release them in a benevolent way that allows you to heal.

Journal, self-care, watch a comedy. Do anything that brings you joy.

Also, taking simple moments to express gratitude for the things, people, experiences that you do have, even the little things will shift your focus and allow for healing to occur.

And as always Many Blessings to you and yours.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.


Look for my upcoming blog focusing on grounding during the holidays.

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