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Moving Forward Into An Abundant New Year

As we enter a new year it’s important to look back upon the old and take stock of the one that we are releasing.

Each one of us had a year of experiences that at times may have tested our resolve as we laid people and animals to rest, had unexpected relationship and job transitions, and in one way in another dealt with some form of change.

It is important as we look back upon each circumstance and event and view it not as a source of grief and hardship but as a catalyst for change propelling us into something that may make us stronger in the long run.

In many cases with myself and clients that I work with I am reminded that these situations, persons and events were placed in our lives even if for only a short time to prepare us for further growth.

The relationship that did not last showed us what we did and did not want and in some cases gave us the ability to see our true worth, allowing us to clear a path for a more enriching relationship in the future. That might even mean having a more deeper understanding of ourselves, and making our relationship with ourselves a priority.

Loved ones passed leaving a great sense of loss that as over time the feeling of sadness lessens as it is replaced with the loving memories that we shared with them.

Careers, homes and circumstances changed that may have caused us fear. Fear of the unknown, as we had to let go of how we believed things were suppose to go.

As we move forward we have new opportunities before us beckoning us to let go of the past, releasing fear, regret and things that no longer serve our greatest good. And in doing so allowing us to grow exponentially into someone that is stronger, wiser and ready for the good that awaits us.

As the affirmation above states I bless you with the ability to release the old, and embrace the new. And may abundance, prosperity, and peace fill your soul for this upcoming year and each day of your life.

Many Blessings,

Tabby Sapene, MSW, LISW-S

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