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Tabatha Sapene
Accreditations, Certifications, and Experience 

MSW, LISW-S Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist

Masters Degree in Social Work with a concentration on Clinical Mental Health at The Ohio State University

Bachelor’s of Social Work at Capital University.

Brain Based Therapy, Neuroscience, & Neuroimmunology 

EFT Tapping

Reiki Advanced Degree in Usui System of Natural Healing

Certificate in Spirituality, Health & Healing

Therapeutic Touch

Guided Meditation/Guided Imagery

Crystal Therapy

Small Animal Therapy

Equine Therapy

Art Therapy

Play Therapy

Group Therapy


Tabby Sapene
Tabatha Sapene
Tabby Sapene, MSW, LISW-S
Mental Alchemy
Spiritual Affirmations
Holistic Therapy
Spiritual Therapy
Energy Therapist

 While being employed in both non-profit and for-profit agencies, I have seen the increased need to work with clients in a way that integrates all of their being, maximizing treatment. This has led me to utilize a holistic approach to assisting clients.


 As a licensed clinical mental health professional with a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a concentration on Clinical Mental Health with honors at The Ohio State University, a Bachelor’s of Social Work at Capital University with honors, and a Certificate in Spirituality, Health & Healing with over 24+ years of experience working with diverse populations in the mental health field providing counseling sessions for individuals, groups, families, children, adolescents and adults in various programs, my Holistic Consultation sessions will provide you with services that include training in Mindfulness, Meditation, Guided Imagery/Visualization, Spiritual Counseling, as well as traditional therapeutic techniques.


In addition, I can assist you in holistic wellness regarding natural ways to decrease many mental health symptoms as I have knowledge in how food, chemicals, additives, etc. effect the body, brain and one's mental health as I have had training from psychoneuroimmunologist’s and other medical professionals from this field of research.


Viewing ourselves holistically we are able to see all our parts as a whole and how they interact with each other.  We are more than just our mind and our physical body, there is a spiritual aspect of us that needs to be addressed that we often overlook in our daily lives. Getting in tune with our "whole" selves often leads us to see where our symptoms whether physical, mental and or emotional often begin, and allows us to move forward towards self-healing and balance.

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Please see Treatments & Services for more information.

Tabby Sapene MSW, LISW-S, is the Holistic Clinical Mental Health Therapist & Energy Therapist providing Holistic Consultations to clients around the world.

She is the owner of Oasis Of The Heart, LLC Integrative Wellness Center, and Author of

Mental Alchemy Spiritual Affirmations to Change Your Life.  



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