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Guided Imagery/Guided Meditation 

My Holistic Consultation sessions will provide you with services that include training in Mindfulness, Meditation, Guided Imagery/Visualization,  Energy Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, as well as traditional therapeutic techniques.
In addition, I can assist you in holistic wellness regarding natural ways to decrease many mental health symptoms as I have knowledge in how food, chemicals, additives, etc effect the body, brain and one's mental health as I have had training from psychoneuroimmunologist’s and other medical professionals from this field of research.





Tabatha is an amazing mental health professional committed to her client's care and growth! As a Social Worker colleague I had the pleasure of working closely with Tabatha for years. I have observed her calm, honest, & knowledgeable approach assisting individuals in  overcoming obstacles leading to improved self-confidence & quality of life. Throughout the years it has become apparent to me that Tabatha is devoted to the belief that everyone has the ability to learn how to live a balanced life.

Candace H. ,M.S., L.S.W.

I don't fully understand how Reiki works, but it does--in person & long distance. It works the same way via phone & has the same effect. In addition to her Reiki experience Tabby's background as a counselor rounds out the treatment & encourages clients to ponder self-emprovement while benefiting from the calming & healing effects of Reiki.

Previous Client

I recently purchased some of Tabby Sapene's Eucalyptus Coconut Lotion, specifically to try on my tiny Chinese Crested (one of the naked dogs). Cresteds are prone to allergies. Allergies cause the inside of my dog's ears to get dry and cracked. Within hours of rubbing some of Tabby's lotion in Taber's ears they were smoother & less dry. A few days later, he developed a rash on his inner thigh. Because Cresteds run around naked, they tend to getting rashes &/or mild skin irritations. I rubbed the Eucalyptus lotion on the area - it cleared up in less than an hour!
I highly recommend Tabby's products. She is knowledgeable about the properties of the ingredients she uses and can point you in the right direction. I plan to always have some of her Eucalyptus lotion in the house.

Betsy Callis

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