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Integrative Services For Children

The following are recently asked questions in regards to my work with children. Thanks for the questions everyone! I look forward to answering more questions through my blog, newsletter and/or Facebook.

Q: Do you work with children? What do you do?

A: Yes, I have worked with children from all age groups for the past twelve years in various settings. I have provided traditional therapy, equine therapy, small animal therapy, art therapy, group therapy in behavioral health office settings, residential treatment facilities, and in client’s homes. I have taught life skills groups, groups focused on anger management, depression, anxiety and increasing self-esteem among others. I also work with families to learn techniques that they can use for their children and together to help build stronger bonds, release past patterns and promote happiness and wellness throughout the whole family system. This leads to better relationships as clear direct loving communication may be learned to replace past miscommunication or lack of communication in the family system.

Q: What about the energy therapy that you do? Do you use it with kids?

A: Yes, I do and quite frequently. Energy therapy is great for everyone to reduce stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, and for pain relief. I have had an increase in clients (children) that are brought in to decrease the symptoms of growing pains, as that can be quite painful. I have worked with children that have allergies, and in some cases they are tested after one or several treatments and they are allergy free as told to me by their parents. I have worked with children that experienced chronic constipation with great results. I have also worked on children that have headaches, migraines and sports related injuries decreasing their symptoms and providing pain management. Children with severe anxiety may receive energy therapy sessions before starting integrative therapy to lessen their anxiety. This allows them to be more receptive and open to therapy, which as per some parents report their child was not in traditional therapy with other counselors. I have also had parents bring their children in for energy therapy before a major event such as going on a plane to decrease their anxiety symptoms. One concern that parents or guardians have is that the child(ren) will not stay still during treatment. I have worked on children of all ages including babies and have had great responses. Many times they feel so comfortable and relaxed that they fall asleep. Many children actually ask for more time during sessions or request to come back soon!

Q: Do your Integrative Consultations work with children, or just adults?

A: Since some adults and older children alike are concerned about the stigma of going to therapy or counseling Integrative Consultations give them another option where they receive my clinical experience and knowledge from the past 12 years and have the ability to experience a more holistic treatment. This may include utilizing Energy therapy techniques during the session. Often times I have children that are sensitive to energies that are referred to me from other mental health professionals that are unable to assist these clients clinically. Children and adults that see colors, auras around people, or hear or feel energy around them may receive a mental health diagnosis that does not accurately fit what they are experiencing. And unfortunately, this diagnosis may lead to other mental health issues due to not only stigma but to people’s reactions to the children’s/adult’s energy sensitivity. Many parents come to me to address these needs, as they are unable to assist their children, as it is hard for them to believe something that they themselves are not experiencing. I assist children and adults in understanding the energy around them and being able to use their own energy and experiences in positive ways for their own personal growth. Clients may learn meditation, and other mindfulness techniques that can benefit them throughout their whole lifetime. Note: There is a difference from individuals experiencing psychosis, psychiatric disorders and those that are sensitive to energy.

Integrative Therapy (Ohio Residents Only), Energy Therapy, & Integrative Consultation can be in office or through Skype.

If you have further questions on how these treatments can assist you or your loved ones feel free to contact me.

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*Medical disclaimer: This information is for educational and informational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The information is not intended to replace medical advice offered by physicians. ***Results may vary with each individual

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