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Are You The Conductor, Or The Train?

What is ones natural state of being? This is a question that many have not been able to ask themselves due to being overextended, overworked, undervalued & exhausted. But we were not meant to be these things. Sure life happens, things need to get done. Things need to be accomplished. But do we really ask ourselves at what cost? Doing that one more thing when already in a state of exhaustion is it seen as a something that is actually necessary for our survival at that moment, or is it just a decision that we are making just to get one more thing done? Then we can say to ourselves ok I can cross that off of my list.

We are not meant to feel that life is just a ride that we are on & cannot get off of, or are unable to change course along the way at anytime. We are the conductors of our trains. Yes sometimes the track is littered with debris, & sometimes weather & delays can get us off schedule.

Or are we off schedule? It may be a matter of perception of looking at things differently. Have you ever looked back at delays you had in your life & seen some blessing? Looking past the initial frustration maybe there was a hidden meaning that in your afterthoughts came through to change your life for the better.

Waiting in traffic during a rainy day, you sit there & think about all that needs to be done, perhaps sigh to yourself. All is not well in your world, so you tell yourself. So you think.

You happen to look up & you see a rainbow. What are your thoughts now? Do you look away, giving it little thought? Do you actually stop to appreciate its beauty? You are stopped anyway right? Or are your thoughts somewhere in the middle?

It is in that moment as with any other moment that we can choose how we see the situation. You are the conductor remember? YOU have control over your thoughts & responses; you control how you are driving your train.

As we move through our daily lives we have much more control & input that we can imagine. Now we are not able to control what happens or how others are acting around us. However, our power lies in our ability to stop & respond in such a way that it honors others, & ourselves in a way that defuses the perceived negative situations around us. That in turn can change how others are acting & how a particular situation is unfolding.

We are meant to be happy & joyful. But it is a choice. In order to reach that state of being we have to apply ourselves & move forward in that direction. It is in every moment that we have that we can actively make that choice. The choice not to be reactive to some one else’s drama, the choice to honor ourselves by taking a 10 minute break to collect ourselves so we can continue what we are doing in a more relaxed & calm state. Yes we are the conductors, the ones that make the decision’s on the train of life that we are riding one.

Track’s broken? Well then we can sit back & wait for it to be fixed patiently. However, if we have that fire lit & roaring in our engine room we can step down on to the tracks, roll our sleeves up & assist in the repair. It is all up to us, we make the decisions. It is our choices that propel us forward in life.

As we allow ourselves to let the light in, to look at the rainbows up ahead & enjoy them, we begin to see past the storm clouds. We start to see the tracks going around the corner in the distance. In some cases the destination is still unknown but somehow the journey is a little lighter, & more fulfilling.

Many Blessings,

Tabby Sapene, MSW, LISW-S

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