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How I Found The Light Within: Removing Blocks From The Past.

How do I let go? We have all asked ourselves this one time or another. Are we staying in a relationship that needed to be ended a long time a go? Are we still entrenched in pain from previous abuse? Despite a belief in the afterlife, are we still not able to let go of someone that has transitioned to the spirit world?

What happens to our thoughts as we think these things over, & over & over again? We become stuck in mire that seems almost impossible to get out of. One thought becomes another, becomes another, then those thoughts take the form of feelings. Now we are feeling those thoughts & feeding them with more energy, energy that could be better placed. That energy could go to place we need to be the place of hope, of love, but we need faith to get us there.

Many times we believe that if we wait & “when we see it we will believe it” then that magic moment will happen. Then we will have that AHA! moment propelling us past the block we were in. miracles do happen. Look at yourself you are a miracle created in the image of Divine Intelligent Source. However, action had to be taken for you to be produced.

Likewise action needs to be taken for change to happen. The seeds of a new thought, which will form a new pattern of thinking needs to be planted to elicit that change.

I had decided to live my truth not to long ago & embrace it headlong, to allow my Divine Guidance System to propel me forward. What did the universe request of me?

First & foremost: Action. Without my personal action the things that needed to come about would not come to fruition. For myself that meant identifying the ego patterns that were preventing me from moving forward. As I worked on myself & started to release those patterns the Universe started lining up more things for me. And even though each thing required a certain amount of action it was different. Different because now I grew confident of myself & increased trust in the Divine Plan that was unfolding around me, about me & through me.

I started to let my inner light shine. And what I saw was beautiful. Not a beauty that one sees with the eyes but one that is seen & felt with the soul. I saw myself, as I truly was a Divine Spark of Source Energy, with the choice to live my life in a different way, a way that made me feel alive as I started to live my truth.

I had to dig down deep, but the spark was there. I had to remove things from my life that no longer served me, I had to see my self differently & envision myself as being my full potential.

This wasn’t textbook cognitive behavioral techniques that I learned so long ago, although they work well I needed something more. The degrees that I earned were a part of my growth sure, but I left out the most important thing. I could have all the knowledge in the world but without any action & feeling behind it, it was meaningless. I had to make what I learned meaningful for my self & others.

It took & still takes inspired thought (not were you are ruminating everything in your mind endlessly), planning, action & faith.

As I broke through certain thought patterns, more things came up for me to learn from, in some cases conquer them, & in others to learn the lesson with humility & allow grace to enter my heart.

Am I all completed with changing my thought patterns? No. But everyday I am embodying my true self, changing, growing, exploring & loving all that is me. A beautiful Spark Of Source Energy.

Many Blessings,

Tabby Sapene

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