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Healing: MInd, Body, Spirit An Overview

What is healing? A healing is something that can occur on many levels of being. A definition of healing may be the change of energy in any body form that is not in harmony with perfect well being to a higher level of energy that is more harmonious. Healing may not be the same as a cure, however with healing a cure can be manifested.

For example a person with a degenerative disease such as cancer may receive a complete cure from it with no traces of the disease in the body. Their body may be cured however, they might not have addressed the cause of their illness.

Another person with the same disease my receive healing that allows them to identify with the root causes of their illness, in which they may choose to acknowledge it & move forward in their life regardless if they are completely cured or not.

As they address their illness & come to terms with it they are able to heal on so many levels. Their body may not be cured but their spirit is able to identify with the impact that the illness has on the individual & on all of those around them.

This in turn allows for a greater spiritual understanding of one’s life, prompting the person to ask questions such as “What truly was/is my life purpose?” & “What have I done/ or am I doing to fulfill that?”

These questions may come up at any time in our lives without prompting by an illness. Sometimes great change can elicit these questions. However, all self-exploration facilitates a desire for healing oneself.

As we heal certain aspects of our life we can see other parts of us open up to healing facilitating a domino effect. Healing can be spontaneous & healing can take time. The process of healing will happen in a way we can handle it.

Many Blessings,

Tabatha Sapene, MSW, LISW-S

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