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Integrative Counseling


 Possible areas of exploration may include: 


  • Addressing emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, grief and how they affect one as a whole.

  • Increasing coping skills.

  • Defining  your life purpose or passion.

  • Identifying and developing spiritual awareness and it's influence on one's life path.

  • Setting and achieving goals that are realistic and manageable for you

  • Identifying and releasing past patterns  and belief systems that no longer serve you.


    The goal of Integrative counseling is to gain insight on the origin of challenges and difficulties, building awareness of how to cope, heal, and grow through these experiences.

    • Sessions approximately 25- 50 minutes         

    • Plan for course of treatment

    • Educational materials as appropriate


    Counseling services online for Ohio Residents. 


    ** If you are not an Ohio resident please see Integrative Consultation.

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    Integrative Counseling 30 minutes

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    Integrative Counseling 60 minutes

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    4 Hour Package Integrative Counseling  15% Discount

    Services For Children & Adolescents

    Did you know that in addition to Counseling and Energy Therapies for both adults, adolescents and children I provide other Holistic Services for children. I had previously worked in residential treatment programs where I provided small animal therapy, equine therapy (horses), art therapy, play therapy and various other modalities to honor the growth and healing of children in their own way, at their own pace.

    Oh and for you curious adults art therapy can work well for you too!

    Feel free to call me for more information.


    Insurance is not accepted

    Online services and products are pre-paid through paypal before services are rendered or products shipped.

    I do not offer refunds on completed services for any reason. Also, refunds are not given for non-cancellation, no-shows for appointments.

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