All of my crystals are cleared/cleansed, & dedicated for the highest good of all that come into contact with them.

 I then infuse healing energy (Reiki, CHI, Source energy) into each crystal with an intended focus for the individual wearing it.

Letting others wear, or handle your tumbled stones/crystals may alter their vibrational energy.

Crystals are great to wear, hold or place in different areas such as your office space, in your car, in a child’s room, wherever you feel led to place them

Custom necklaces can be special ordered.

Thank you for your purchase! May you be blessed with abundance in always possible!




*Medical disclaimer: This information is for educational and informational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The information is not intended to replace medical advice offered by physicians.

Clear Quartz


  • Amplifies energies of other stones.

  • Aids Concentration/Great for meditation

  • High vibration stone

  • Master Healer/stimulates immune system.

  • Emotionally Grounding, helps with dense blockages
  • 3rd eye chakra
  • Calms/stimulates mind as appropriate
  • Supports sobriety, treats insomnia
  • High Vibration/Good for meditation
  • Will fade in sunlight


  • Calms emotions.

  • Enhances psychic abilities.

  • Aids in healing female physical problems, digestion & degenerative conditions.

  • Women may need to remove at full moon.



  • High energy, restores vitality & motivation

  • Stabilizing Stone

  • Helps one deal with death, & abuse.

  • Stone of courage, calms anger & diffuses negativity.

  • Stimulates base chakra, improves absorption of vitamins & minerals.